Schemathesis as a Service

This library integrates with the platform, where you can store, view, and track issues found by Schemathesis.

Important is currently in alpha and intended for testing only. If you want to try it out, ping me at


First, you need to add your API to by clicking on the “Add API” button and filling details in a form on that page:

Then get a token from the “Details” page by clicking on a little gear icon:

Then you can find an API token there. Note that tokens are unique per API:

Once you got an API token, you can use it with Schemathesis CLI. Integrations with pytest and unittest are in the works.

Command Line Interface

Add --schemathesis-io-token=<YOUR API TOKEN> to your Schemathesis CLI invocation:

schemathesis run \

Once all events are uploaded to you’ll see a message at the end of the CLI output: COMPLETED
Report URL:

To observe the test run results, follow the link from the output.

Features overview stores data about your test runs and aims to provide a convenient UI to navigate through found failures. These failures are aggregated into groups, so you can track recurring ones.

You also have better failure description and an ability to replay failures from the UI:

You can use test runners instead of CLI. They have more checks & better data generation than Open Source Schemathesis.


Again, it is an alpha version and I am delighted to hear from you! Please, if you miss any feature or have any comments on this, let me know.

How it works

The integration is done with a separate event handler that sends events to in a separate thread.

What data is sent to

At the moment, Schemathesis sends almost everything defined in, so you have all information needed to reproduce failures. However, it might change in the future.